Social Work Online Training Events

As another layer of our training services we offer free and paid live courses to support social workers in training and on the job.

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February 17 2022

Substance Abuse: A Type of Child Maltreatment

Substance abuse is a challenging and overwhelming topic in child protection. Overwhelming in the sense that it is so pervasive and seems like a common …

November 16 2021

Kids Forced into Crime: Case Workshop

Our interactive case workshops are designed to include a small number of students for high amounts of engagement. The workshops are build with active social …

November 9 2021

Kids Forced into Crime: Moral Turpitude and Child Maltreatment

The REAL Academy team will introduce the topic of Moral Turpitude as a form of child maltreatment. Our case workers have encountered this form of …

October 28 2021

Domestic Violence Case Workshop

This two hour workshop is formatted to be interactive with a limited number of students for high engagement. Our team will work through “real life” …

October 21 2021

Domestic Violence: A Type of Child Maltreatment

Overall Domestic Violence is a terrible issue that wreaks havoc on families. We see that the devastation of DV has many victims, but from the …

October 14 2021

Critical Thinking in Child Welfare Part 3

Critical thinking seems to be a given. We hope all people would choose to think critically to make good decisions in any career field. But …